The log home of Scott and Stephanie Bass was delivered October 5, 2004 to Dinwiddie, Virginia. They chose a modified Graystone with the interior garage becoming another bedroom, adding a porch and a deck to the back as well as a detached garage. The ever popular Genesis logs (with an extra course) with a dovetail corner make up the walls of this log home.
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Graystone floor plan * Modified floor plan
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July 13 Land Land clearing and stump burning.
October 6 First Course The hurricanes managed to wash nearly a foot of dirt where it didn't need to be, but subfloor is complete and on to the first course of logs!
October 8 Inside Log courses go up, with window and door jambs in place. Master bedroom in distance.
October 9 Log Walls Last course up in places. This wall on the front porch has quite a few logs with darker grain. Dry weather has been a big help with construction.
October 11 Garage Corner Back view, log walls nearly complete, garage in foreground.
October 12 Walls Finished Front left view of finished log walls. Interior framing is the next step.
October 14 Interior Framing 8x12 Dougals Fir support beams are installed and interior framing is started.
October 15 Front View A bit of rainy weather from the front view of the house. Interior framing mostly finished, and garage walls started.
October 18 Porches Decks and porches are installed and house wrap for garage.
October 22 Trusses All the conventional trusses are up, garage too. Great room in center has vaulted scissor trusses instead of flat conventional ones.
October 27 Porch Roof & Felt Paper View of front porch, more work on the roof, OSB added and felt paper started.
October 29 Roof Work Felt paper is on, now work on overhangs and beams for back porch roof.
November 2 Heavy Timber Porch Back porch looks nice with heavy timbers, garage log siding is installed.
November 5 Garage Gables Garage gables and overhangs look good.
November 9 Roof Overhangs Work on gable ends, overhangs, and porch ceilings.
November 12 Roof Trim Garage slab is poured, roof trim is going up.
November 16 Great Room/Kitchen Interior of Kitchen from Great Room side, scissor trusses in center of house. Shingles delivered.
November 19 Shingles Wow! Gables finished, shingles up and garage doors installed.
November 23 Windows Back porch & deck: electrical wired and windows going in.
November 30 Windows Front View, windows all installed.
December 3 Great Room Great Room, decorative beams added.
December 10 Window Trim Exterior doors start to go up, exterior cedar trim as well. Plumbing is started..
December 17 Plumbing Plumbing and electrical being installed.
January 11 Exterior Doors All exterior doors are installed, front porch railing finished too.
February 12 Interior Siding Lots of work done inside, all plumbing and electrical done by owners. Genesis interior siding going up on interior walls of great room and hallways.
February 15 Fireplace Great Room: gas fireplace made from logs and timbers. Plenty of electrical sockets still being installed.
February 22 Sheetrock A week vacation provides plenty of time to work on the house! Sheetrock ceilings are being installed.
February 25 Chimney & Insulation Sheetrock still going up on ceilings, insulation installed in great room scissor trusses (it will be blown in for flat trusses), work done on chimney.
March 1 Great Room A view of the other side of the great room, all insulated.
March 9 From Kitchen Another view of great room. Sheetrock going up in closets, light fixtures cut out.
March 25 Ceiling View of great room and fireplace with new gas logs. Sheetrock is up in great room and spackled. Kitchen cabinets delivered!
March 29 Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen cabinets installed, Stephanie is sanding down interior log walls, still working on ceilings and walls.
April 5 Lights Game Room: antler lights installed with nice spackled ceiling, other lights installed too and kitchen countertops.
April 12 Master Bath Master Bath with tile, interior walls, lights, and cabinets! Interior walls and ceilings look about done, lots of lighting and cabinetery installed. Tile laid in bathrooms and utility room, plus gutters!
April 19 Sealing Hallway out of the Master Bedroom, right wall has been sealed with Minwax polyurethane.
April 26 Plumbing Bathroom view, more polyurethaning done, plumbing and cabinets finished.
May 3 Kitchen Kitchen view, appliances all installed, some window trim as well and flooring has been started.
May 10 Flooring Great Room, flooring in the whole house nearly complete!
May 24 Railings Front Porch, railings and steps going up. Flooring all finished.
May 31 Back Railings Back Deck, railings and stairs nearly done.
June 7 Master Bath Master Bath: mirrors in; tub finished out; trim on walls, doors, and windows complete; and bear accents added!
June 14 Window Trim Front Bedroom, trim on walls, doors, and windows nearly done. Outlets and door knobs being installed.
June 23 Master Bedroom Master Bedroom, finishing work nearly complete (railings on back deck can be seen).
June 30 Great Room Great Room, beams finished and trimmed out. Temporary Occupancy Permit granted!
July 6 Hearth Finished and decorated hearth, Occupancy Permit on July 8! Still work to do, of course!

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