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Jay Gittman and Carol Murley's logs were delivered on 14 June 2004 to Prince George, Virginia. Genesis logs, plus one extra course, will make up the exterior walls of this log home. To continue the log look, most of the interior walls will have log siding. A full walk out basement made from Superior Walls will be the base of this new log home. Certificate of Occupancy granted 22 March 2005.
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Sierra floor plan * Custom first floor * Custom second floor
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First Log Mini-Movie
Finish Photos

April 7 Home Site Home site cleared
May 25 Excavation Excavation of basement complete
May 28 Logs at Moss Package starting to be processed at Moss, Tennessee!
June 14 Log Delivery Log Delivery!
June 29 Superior Walls Superior Walls up in six hours! Wow! Rain held up delivery one day.
July 1 Basement Plumbing Basement plumbing laid before the slab is poured.
July 19 More Lumber Another load of lumber is delivered. The rainy summer season continues, keeping slab from being poured. Land is being cleared for electric poles.
July 23 Footers Electric poles are up and line strung. Footers are dug and interior footers are poured, but it continues to rain. Flash flood warnings in effect, nearly every day!
August 2 Vapor Barrier Vapor Barrier is laid, waiting for cement and some dry weather (at least Hurricane Alex stayed on the shore!)
August 5 Slab Slab is poured! Rain delay caused delay for dry-in crew.
August 16 Joists Hurricanes Bonnie & Charley may not have hit us, but the rain sure did. Dry-in crew came in the middle of this, and worked on the subfloor on August 15 in the driving rain.
August 17 Subfloor Joists placed today. Porch footers are placed.
August 18 Advantech Joists finished and Advantech OSB is being laid for the subfloor. First Log Mini-Movie
August 19 Basement Advantech covered subfloor.
August 20 Doors & Windows Doors & Windows delivered, they may be pretty but they sure are heavy!
August 25 Logs! Logs are being placed! Kiln-drying makes the "over the shoulder carry" possible.
August 26 More Log Courses Log courses go up quickly.
August 27 Logs Done Nine foot tall log walls are done!
August 28 Douglas Fir Beams 8x12 Douglas Fir beams are notched and placed on 8x8 Eastern White Pine posts, not very light.
August 29 Ceiling Rafters Ceiling rafters put in and 2x6 spruce ceiling nailed in place.
August 31 Ridge Poles Ridge poles go up in Heavy Timber Roof.
September 1 Roof Rafters Roof rafters installed next.
September 8 Heavy Timber Roof Heavy Timber Roof goes up even with the major storms of Hurricane Frances.
September 9 Heavy Timber Rafters From the foyer, view of Douglas Fir Heavy Timber Rafters and Beams.
September 10 Bumpout Outside of Kitchen view with bumpout Utility Room.
September 13 Porch Roof Heavy Timber Porch Rafters go up in front.
September 14 Porch Ceiling 2x6 Spruce Ceiling goes up on porches, just in time for several days of rain.
September 16 Windows in Dormers Felt paper on roof and windows start to go up in dormers.
September 17 Back Deck Back deck is started before the rainy weekend sets in.
September 22 Exterior Siding More windows and exterior siding are installed.
September 23 Back Porch Back porch posts go up.
September 24 Cedar Trim on Gables Gable siding and Western Red Cedar trim is installed.
September 25 Forest Green Clad Windows View of back left porch, more of the clad windows are installed.
September 27 Interior Framing View of balcony and foyer, interior wall framing and stairs are in place.
September 29 Back View Back view of house, gable siding and windows installed. HVAC and chimney at work.
October 6 Basement Work HVAC, plumbing, and masonry in the basement.
October 8 Chimney Chimney extended through the roof, more plumbing and electrical done.
October 9 Shingles & Clean Logs Shingles are up and exterior of logs are cleaned in preparation for borate and stain.
October 11 Chimney Masonry for chimney is almost finished.
October 18 Staining Penetreat applied and dried, staining has started and stone facing on masonry.
October 22 Interior Chimney Rainy weather makes for good inside work! Exterior trim is stained, interior walls are cleaned. Stone work continues on fireplace: great room has a wood fireplace and the dining room side has a gas insert!
October 27 Staining & Masonry Stain & protective coat go on and stone is added to outer chimney.
October 29 Stone on Basement View of utility room bumpout, stone work starts on basement, and more trim work.
November 2 Railings & Masonry Finishing up on masonry and Eastern White Pine porch railings are installed.
November 5 Railings Porch and deck railings are up, along with copper post caps on deck.
November 9 Great Room Great Room: several exterior doors are hung.
November 12 Shingles & Doors Shingles are finished, exterior doors are hung, staining is nearly finished.
November 16 Front Front View: lots of staining and window & door trim done.
November 19 Front Porch Front Porch with all the trimmings.
November 23 Window Insulation Window insulation put in.
November 30 Interior walls (log siding) are started in kitchen.
December 3 Kitchen Walls All interior walls of kitchen are up, as well as utility room and half bath. Still more to go!
December 8 Interior Stain & Tile Kitchen is really getting spruced up! Interior walls done in this area, as well as interior stain on walls and satin acrylic top coat on walls and ceiling. Tiles are laid, grout applied next and cabinets measured soon too!
December 10 Insulation Basement is mostly insulated, tile is grouted, more interior walls and ceilings going up.
December 14 Interior Master Bedroom: lots of interior walls in the master bath installed and stained. Light fixtures started too.
December 17 Tile Insulation upstairs almost finished, septic system put in, and tile work in the master bath on floor and in shower.
December 21 Cabinets More tile in master bath and cabinets in master bath and kitchen are installed, including an island and bar. Tile laid in foyer, insulation inspection passed, so interior siding going up in gables.
December 29 Kitchen Kitchen: plywood ready for masonry, electrical work being finished. More tile and grout, more insulation and interior siding, more plumbing finishing, and interior railings being installed.
December 31 A log home wedding View of balcony: lots more interior siding and lighting completed, as well as one decorative railing, just in time for a New Year's Wedding!
January 4 Kitchen Masonry in kitchen finished as well as bar and many lights installed. Odds and ends, like a Coke phone, appearing!
January 7 Trim Lots of tedious trim work going up! Doors and door knobs appearing as well.
January 10 Dormer Dormer above foyer: ceiling and interior walls covered in 1x6 & 2x6 tongue and groove or 1x12 interior siding. Chandelier and trees finish it off!
January 17 Interior Siding Interior & Gable walls take a lot of time (4300 square feet)! An upstairs bedroom with Heavy Timber ceiling and collar ties. Gable, interior, and knee walls have standard insulation and interior siding (openings are to storage areas).
January 20 Arch Close up of stone arch over the range in the kitchen.
January 25 Bar From Dining Room, the two-sided chimney and the bar with bar stools, and Coca-Cola light. Upstairs interior siding 99% done.
January 28 Shutters Master bath shutters installed. Curtains coming in for windows.
February 2 Sanding Upstairs bath has the floor sanded (balcony too), interior siding has already been stained and had an acrylic top coat added. Note how the tile shower fits in the available space, perfect fit!
February 4 Carpet Carpet in upstairs bedrooms with enough left over for the larger closet. Carpet in master closet too. Look at all that interior siding that had to be cut, installed and stained! Another bedroom on the other side!
February 8 Hardwood Floors Master bedroom installation of rustic red oak flooring, which will go in great room too. Lights continue to be installed and the decorative rails for the balcony are nearly finished.
February 11 Stairs Stained and polyurethaned balcony and upper bath floor, railing posts, some spindles and all the heavy timber steps installed.
February 15 Upstairs Bath Upstairs Bath: all put together, still finishing the "antique dresser turned cabinet," master bedroom has flooring.
February 18 Master Closet Master Closet: Shelving installed and filled!
February 22 Clearing Some clearing done in front of the house with "The Mulcher," horse trails planned as well.
February 25 Ducks & Flooring Flooring is nearly finished in great room and dining room. Ducks mounted in great room.
March 3 Master Bedroom Master bedroom looks great! Gas fireplace installed, new bedspread, and Holly to guard the lot! Furniture for the great room was delivered, floors finished.
March 11 Great Room New furniture for the great room. Horse fence coming along. Not too much left!
March 25 Horses Certificate of Occupancy granted, move in the horses! Still some railings and trim to do. Outside stairs, basement, gazebo, and horse barn on the agenda.

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